Supply of raw materials, packaging machinery, packaging machines, packaging materials

The company specializes in providing packaging materials, the company provides packing machines in Ho Chi Minh City and Vietnam

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Provide packaging machinery and equipment

H2S Trading - Service Technology Co., Ltd is a leader in the field of supplying packaging equipment in Vietnam. Owning a team of specially trained technical staff from famous technical universities in Vietnam, Having many years of experience in the field of mechanical engineering, industrial electrical engineering, and electronic engineering. industry, civil power, our team of engineers - our technical experts are knowledgeable about imported machinery and equipment, especially the passion for enthusiasm for profession and friendly, we are always honored Domestic products love and give special feelings to the packaging machines that H2S company we provide.

Supply of packaging materials

H2S Trading Co., Ltd specializes in providing all kinds of materials for the packaging industry, various products and accessories. If you want to use packaging materials, please contact our company for specific product advice and best quotation.

Maintenance service of repairing packaging machines

As we know, most businesses now use modern machinery and equipment in the final packaging process to ship. Therefore, it is obvious that many operating machines lead to equipment life expectancy, product packaging quality ... H2S Technology Services Co., Ltd. in addition to providing machinery equipment For the packaging industry, our company also does the repair - maintenance - warranty of machinery and equipment for the packaging industry in Vietnam in general.


About us

Welcome to visit our website! H2S Technology Service Trading Co., Ltd specializes in supplying materials and equipment for packaging industry. With the motto of Prestige - Quality - Reasonable price, our company is committed to doing:

- Providing customers with quality products, new and improved technology.

- Right advice, reasonable price.

- Thoughtful after-sales mode.

- On time delivery.