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Home / Provide packaging machinery and equipment

H2S Trading - Service Technology Co., Ltd is a leader in the field of supplying packaging equipment in Vietnam. Owning a team of specially trained technical staff from famous technical universities in Vietnam, Having many years of experience in the field of mechanical engineering, industrial electrical engineering, and electronic engineering. industry, civil power, our team of engineers - our technical experts are knowledgeable about imported machinery and equipment, especially the passion for enthusiasm for profession and friendly, we are always honored Domestic products love and give special feelings to the packaging machines that H2S company we provide.


You are currently a product manufacturing company, do you need to find a company that provides all kinds of machines and equipment to speed up the process of product completion at the output? You really wonder because the company doesn''''''''t really believe in buying machines. We introduce ourselves as a leader in the field of supplying machinery and equipment for industries that need to pack products. The packaging machines and equipment of H2S company we supply are mostly imported from advanced countries such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, Europe and America.

Currently, the machines that we offer are very diverse in design and type, and are served according to your requirements, especially if you have to set up packaging machines according to the requirements of each business.

- Packaging products we currently supply to the market for manufacturing enterprises include:

+ Barrel belt machine

+ Vacuum machine

+ Cutting machine and shrink film shrink

+ Pallet wrapping machine

+ Carton sealing machine

+ Mouth welding machine

+ Baggage wrapping machine

+ Needle detector

+ Belt ligation tool

+ PE film

+ Marking machine

+ Plastic straps

+ Spare parts

+ Tape ...

Customers who want to purchase packaging machinery and equipment can contact our H2S company at the following portal:

- H2S Technology Services Trading Company Limited

- Address: Số 05, Số 11, Số 4, Phường 4, District 4, HCMC, VN

- Website: - Email:

- Hotline: 0914 65 25 39 - 0915 69 25 39


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