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Home / Maintenance service of repairing packaging machines

As we know, most businesses now use modern machinery and equipment in the final packaging process to ship. Therefore, it is obvious that many operating machines lead to equipment life expectancy, product packaging quality ... H2S Technology Services Co., Ltd. in addition to providing machinery equipment For the packaging industry, our company also does the repair - maintenance - warranty of machinery and equipment for the packaging industry in Vietnam in general.


You need to repair - maintain - warranty machines - packaging equipment can contact our company H2S according to the following portal:

- H2S Technology Service Trading Co., Ltd
- Address: 98 Street No 574,Xom Moi Village,Trung Lap Ha Hamlet, District  Cu Chi, HCMC, VN
- Website: - Email:
- Hotline: 0914 65 25 39 - 0915 69 25 39


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